Back in 2011 when we organized the first edition of ITCamp, we made a promise to ourselves that we’d only host a conference if it was one we’d actually want to attend.

1. Learning real-life experiences from top industry speakers

Back in 2011 when we first got together and organized the first edition of ITCamp, we made a promise to ourselves that we’d only host a conference if it was one we’d actually want to attend. And that starts with an unbeatable lineup of speakers. They come to ITCamp not only to present the sessions, but really engage in those strategic conversations that you want to have about the technology and the best ways to use it for your business.

2. Attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers – they all talk to each other

The people speaking or attending ITCamp have a passion in them that you just don’t see every day. They love to share and they are hungry learners. It’s the perfect mix for an awesome community conference. This is something you just can’t get from an online event, a company conference or a tech fair.

ITCamp is by far the best place to interact with senior IT professionals. ITCamp is about quality content, great speakers, curious and open attendees, beautiful location and very nice overall vibes
Alexandra Borz

ISDC (Endava)

3. Top-quality content

Every year, we aim for the expertise packed into ITCamp’s speaker list and agenda to be an absolute killer – so get ready for two full days of inspiration, advice, and strategy you can use long after the conference wraps up. Whether you know your way around the technologies and topics that will make the scene during this ITCamp or are just getting started, learn from nearly 60 technical training sessions to help you build your skills.

The biggest IT [community] conference in Cluj, with valuable speakers, many tracks and passionate participants. Simply makes you want to be part of it.
Mihai Viorel Hangan


4. Our focus: provide a great value to the community

Since our first edition, we made sure we build the best experience and bring in the best content we can for our audience. This meant we had to avoid any compromises having to do with sponsors, profit or content – there are many other events out there doing these things, so if anyone is interested in that, they’ve certainly got a lot of events to pick from.

5. No sponsor-paid sessions or any “sponsor tracks”

If a session is on the agenda, it’s because we felt the speaker had something valuable to say, and not because someone else paid for him or her to speak there. We felt this was the only real way valuable content would be brought forward. Speakers at ITCamp come here in 2 ways: the top national or international speakers and any speakers from past years who had really good feedback get a direct invite, and then we have our Call for Content, which is open to everyone, from anywhere – and we have tens of speakers who are living proof of that.

6. No recruiting allowed during the event

There’s a whole lot of other events where people can go submit their resumes or where companies go to find more people to hire; we wanted to make sure that during our conference, people focused on what mattered most to them: great content and amazing networking opportunities. For the same reason, the attendee list never gets shared with any of the sponsors after the event. We know other events do this, we chose not to do it ourselves.

7. We have a “no profit” rule

If the event brings in any extra income, we reinvest it in the conference itself and improve any aspect we can: bring in more speakers, give out better prizes, increase the quality of the sessions/venue/food/etc. Anything still left over is used for other community events along the year, which we do our best to keep free for the attendees (using any leftover funds from our main event if needed). We always felt that if obtaining profit out of the conference was one of our aims, then the quality of the conference would inevitably have to suffer. We’ve seen it happen so many times with other events, and we wanted to avoid this happening with ours.

8. We find sponsors and partners who share our vision

ITCamp is by no measure a solitary ride taken by a handful of people. In order for everything to fall into place, we need the support of local and international companies, partners and staff who see things the same way as we do, and are willing to help us bring that vision to life. All this wouldn’t be possible without everyone involved to make it happen: the staff, the partners, the sponsors, and the community itself.

9. Feedback is important to us

Before each new event, we sit down and spend time looking at all the feedback we received from sponsors, attendees, and speakers from our previous edition, and we do our best to implement as many changes as we can in the upcoming event. While we can’t always do everything, we are glad whenever we see people confirm they’re seeing those improvements coming in every single year, and our conference getting better along with them.

10. ITCamp is all about the community

Year after year, ITCamp masters the art of being more than a pleasant conference. We are the IT community and the IT community is us. And this is the beauty of a 100% community conference.

The amount of enthusiasm for learning you manage to gather in one spot for two summer days is contagious. Keep the keen eye for details and valuable content and speakers in the agenda. We’re happy to support you on the mission to make the most out of the passion for technology.
Diana Tîrnovan

Talent Finder, Accesa


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